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Humangenetisches Labor in Hamburg
Hanse Genetik

Laboratory for Genetic Diagnostics

In our state-of-the-art human genetics laboratory at Forum Winterhude in Hamburg, we carry out a variety of molecular genetic analyses, including exome analyses (which examine all coding sections of the genome) and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) using the NextSeq™ 550 sequencing system. Our studies cover areas such as neurogenetics, epigenetics, tumor genetics and cardiogenetics.

For Physicians / ReferrersSample Submission Request Form

Genetic analyses

You can send us your patients’ blood for diagnosis. To speed up the procedure, please complete the following request form and submit it together with the sample material. Download the relevant request form (PDF form). You can fill it out directly in Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar) and then print it out.

ComponentsHereditary Basis and Causes

We are pleased to provide guidance to your patients regarding whether the diagnosed condition may potentially have a genetic cause. We also inform them about any potential implications for the patient themselves and their family members.

Clinically manifested diseases may have a genetic basis and can be investigated accordingly. If causal gene mutations for a condition are already known within the family, healthy family members can undergo predictive (predictive) diagnostics to determine carrier status for these gene variants. Through this examination, on one hand, a disease attributable to the familial cause can be ruled out in individuals who do not carry the gene mutations. On the other hand, individuals who are carriers of the gene mutations can be identified before the onset of the disease. This may provide opportunities for preventive measures, early detection, and treatment of the disease if needed.


Center for Human Genetics
Dr. med. Harald Ludwig
Specialist in Human Genetics

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Appointments are only given by prior arrangement

Please schedule an appointment by phone in advance.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Consultation centres

Forum Winterhude
Winterhuder Marktplatz 6-7
22299 Hamburg

Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf
Elisabeth-Flügge-Straße 1
22337 Hamburg

Sozialpädiatrisches Zentrum im Kinderzentrum Mecklenburg
Wismarsche Straße 306
19055 Schwerin

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